Lakewood Carpet Installation and Repair

For over 30 years, the professionals at Bob Anderson Flooring have installed carpet in homes and businesses in Lakewood, Colorado and throughout the entire Denver metro area. Installing carpet can be difficult – let our experts do it for you! Give us a call at (303) 590-5879 or contact us to schedule an estimate or get more information about your carpet project.

Carpet Installation

When you decide its time to update the carpet in your home or office, our experts will work with you to find the perfect carpet for you. Selecting the best carpet goes beyond just picking a style or color. We’ll help you identify which carpet will best suit your needs. Once your selection is made, our installers will ensure that each room is properly fitted while also getting the job done on time.

Carpet Repair

Sometimes, you don’t need to replace all the carpet in your house, you just need to have some areas repaired. Carpet repairs make it easy to keep your home looking its best. Our professionals offer a wide variety of repair services including patching, replacing carpet pads, seam repairs, fixing carpet snags, and replacing carpet binding.

Carpet Stretching

Carpet stretching is one of the most common repair jobs we perform. As carpet ages, especially in high traffic areas, it can buckle or wrinkle and pull away from the tack strips. Not only is this unsightly, but it can also present a tripping hazard. Our technicians will re-stretch your carpet so that it not only looks great again, but so that it lasts longer.